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On this site you can Upload a video in three of the following categorys Red-List, Cover, Your Own Music, the files will be Available on your own Youtube Channel, our Community Playlist and our Network Zippy-download.com. You can find the Playlists Here. By using this Uploader you agree to the Terms and conditions. You understand, that the files you will upload are your own work, you have the permissions or the music / notes are general free like Bach or Beethoven, further you agree that zippy-download.com have the right to reject it from our network. You agree that we can post and promote your video on zippy or our network. You can find more information in our FAQ and in the TOS

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Music Cover are as example coversions that you made
Own Music is music that you created by yourself
The red list is music that is in public domain and which is in danger of extinction